Garanties des produits

Product Guarantees


Tennis ProSport policy is to guarantee the products supplied by its suppliers against any manufacturing defects.

The guarantee is provided by the supplier of the product. The latter in its sole discretion will determine if the merchandise is defective. ProSport only serves as a link between the manufacturer of the product and the consumer.

However, any clearly defective product could be immediately replaced to the consumer if the supplier's warranty periods are respected.

If there is any doubt about the defect, the product will be sent to the manufacturer who will make the decision in relation to the defective product.

This excludes:

1. Any product used or abused, even following an involuntary fault.

2. Any product used prematurely after intensive use (players and competition players).

The supplier's warranty applies from the date of receipt of the product.

The warranty applies only once.

For product returns, please contact Customer Services.




1 year for the following brands:

Babolat, Head, Wilson, Yonex


180 days for the following brands:

* Due to the nature of the game rackets with multiple breakage are excluded.

Head, Karakal, Tecnifibre, Wilson



Manufacturing defects only

Brands: Asics, Babolat, KSwiss, Reebok, Wilson, Adidas

Adidas: manufacturing defects only, except Barricade, 180 days

* The problems of comfort as well as the premature wear after an intensive use are excluded



Manufacturing defects only limited in time

* It is important to note in the case of ropes that the lifespan of the ropes varies according to the following factors: level of play, style of play, frequency of play, playing surface, rope maintenance and climatic factors. String breaking can sometimes be very common for those who compete, put a lot of effects in their ball, play several times a week, play on clay, do not protect their rope from the effects of the sun, heat and cold, extreme temperatures and humidity. No warranty applies in these cases.



Manufacturing defects only

Brands: Adidas, Babolat, Wilson, Reebok, Under Armor, Asics

* It is very important in the case of clothes to read the washing instructions. For some fibers the use of bleach and fabric softener can damage the texture and color of fibers irreversibly. Using the dryer or iron can also damage some clothes. Some clothes should be washed separately. Leaving wet clothes in or out of the washing machine or in or out of the dryer without separating them can also damage them. Most clothing returns are due to this. No warranty will apply if it is deemed that the defect is due to a handling error.


Manufacturing defects only